Video Analytics Solutions Saudi Arabia

People Detection and Identification

Do you want to detect people in a crowded place such as an airport, hotel, or any other similar location? Then you should take a look at the people detection and identification tool we offer. We have developed a comprehensive system based on the fundamentals of AI and Computer Vision, which we use to detect people. Moreover, it has the ability to count the number of people in a crowded environment and determine density and flow rate.

Automated Traffic Count & Traffic Analytics Saudi Arabia

Vehicle Counting and Classification

Along with the help of AI technologies, we have developed a vehicle counting and identification system. You can use this to provide access to your parking lot or any other related facility. If you want to automate access to the parking lot, you can use this tool. Based on that, you can make sure that your gates open only to the vehicles that have access to enter the property.

Face Recognition Saudi Arabia

Our face recognition algorithm is advanced, and it can help you to get effective results with face recognition. While using the facial recognition system, you can even provide access control. Then you don’t have to deal with the traditional access control methods such as fingerprint and access tags. You can enhance protection of your property without delivering an inconvenience experience to people.