Face Recognition System

Face Recognition System Saudi Arabia

AI BASED FACE recognition system


AI Based SMART HR MANAGEMENT: An Innovative and Comprehensive Approach to Time & Attendance Management through Facial Recognition.

FirstCity is an artificial intelligence company which provide AI based smart solutions. we are providing Smart HR Management that replaces conventional fingerprint, iris scan and hand readers attendance system, providing a more hygienic and easy to use solution. Faster and more reliable than other bio-metric systems. The system verifies an employee’s face in seconds removing the need for me cards, badges, keys or pin numbers. With facial recognition, you can virtually eliminate the chance of me misuse occurring and ensuring that you’re not paying for hours that weren’t worked.

Key features: • Eliminate Time Theft • Pervasive Monitoring • Multiple Face Recognition • Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) • Entry/Exit Detection through Direction • Face crops available for forensic and validation • Handle temporary employees or remote workers with ease • Monitor key real-me data against predefined parameters • Highly efficient, triggering results in milliseconds (based on infrastructure) • Maximum reliability and accuracy, with tolerance to facial contortions and postures