Roadways across the world are under heavy load. Day in and day out, a large number of vehicles run on the roads. With the increase in road use, cities have also seen an increase in the number of traffic management issues like accidents, parking paucity and congestion.

Traditional traffic management systems are finding it tough to manage the situation. The solution is to use a more evolved system that takes full advantage of emerging technologies for the best possible and customized control of your city’s unique traffic environment.

Role of Video Analytics Solution to Aid Road Traffic Management

The lack of proper traffic management needs to be addressed with smart solutions like video management software with integrated video analytics for proper traffic management. Video analytics can help in getting extensive insights into the daily traffic, and these understanding can help in curbing congestion by routing the information to the traffic management console.

This analytics gives the operator a clear picture of what’s happening on the road in real-time. It automatically detects road accidents and slowdowns. This intelligent solution is developed to reduce workload and confusion by breaking the bulk data into smaller chunks. This way the data coming from multiple sources can be traced, tracked and acted upon. Not just this, it will also automate routine tasks and maintenance, which will help operators focus on critical road situations.

Let’s understand how it can help:

Video analytics solution for traffic management work in two ways – movement based analytics and pattern generation and recognition.

  1. Movement based analytics: This method picks up the exact movement of the vehicle, while in transit. This helps in detecting any traffic rule violations like racing and overspeeding, signal jumping, driving without helmets and not using seat belts etc.
  • Pattern generation and recognition: In this method the analytics help to recognize the object within a video frame. It helps in vehicle classification and pedestrian detection etc.

Let’s discuss a few important benefits of video analytics software for road traffic management.

  • Enhanced communication for better response – Traditional traffic management system used to depend typically on phones to communicate/discuss security and urgent matters. Many-a-times this leads to miscommunication, lack of information flow and important details getting missed completely. The modern traffic management solution resolved this problem by merging data on a single platform. This helps in quick and seamless coordination and communication eliminating the scope of communication failure.
  • Affordable and up-to-date – With traffic trends continuing to advance, so should the use of road traffic management platforms. The video analytics traffic management software is configurable, which makes it easy to pull in the third-party data without having to install a new and relatively expensive hardware system. This solution makes it economical to keep pace with your city’s traffic requirements. You can also save on the regular maintenance cost and efforts.

Key Functionalities of Video Analytics in Traffic Management

  • Vehicle Classification – whether it is bus, truck, car or taxi.
  • Congestion Detection – whether the traffic is moving at a slow pace or fast or halted.
  • Wrong Way Vehicle Detection – if the driver is taking a wrong turn. Sends out text or email alert to operators to attempt to stop the vehicle.
  • Licence Plate Recognition – identifies and reads license plate number for logging in details related to the vehicle, which can be used for traffic control, suspicious activity detection etc.
  • Vehicle/Pedestrian Detection – helps to differentiate between pedestrian and vehicle.
  • Parked Vehicle Detection – detects vehicles that are parked in non-parking areas.

As the road gets more crowded, the need for a smart and affordable solution to help control traffic related issues is vital. Video Analytics traffic management solutions can help us effectively manage traffic.